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A comprehensive look at how utilities are driving clean energy innovation

With Bright Moves, expert utilities consultant Tom Flaherty examines the past, present, and future of innovation in the industry. Through interviews with eleven utilities and innovation enablers to the industry, he explores the complexities of what it truly means to innovate, considers the past and current disruptors necessitating such innovation, and discusses the role of research and development in how utilities must approach operations in the present and future.

The book includes detailed profiles of today’s top innovators to illustrate:

  • What types of challenges utilities face today
  • How successful innovation requires intentional and consequential actions
  • How utilities are rapidly evolving toward broader and more innovative thinking
  • Why more commercialization is the way forward for the utilities sector.

These innovators pave exemplary pathways for start-ups and long-established companies alike as they navigate the cleantech transition and other developments. Bright Moves is for innovators in all fields—but especially those executives, utilities, service providers, financiers, and innovation professionals and executives driven to succeed in a demanding and quickly changing global economy.

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April 18, 2023

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The ultimate guide to the ongoing consolidation of the utilities industry

Roll-Up delves into the rich history of utilities consolidation—from the original, highly fragmented U.S. industry structure, through the development of industry views on consolidation and participation, to the drivers and events occurring in the cycles of the modern era, from 1995 to 2020.

Expert utilities consultant Tom Flaherty interviewed eleven current or former chief executive officers, investment bankers, attorneys, and ratings analysts who provided introspection and commentary on their experiences with consolidation in the modern era. These notable individuals made the tough decisions about whether to pursue a transaction, evaluated the logic of potential combinations, crafted merger agreements, designed the process for successful outcomes, and guided the execution of mergers through the strategy, financing, regulatory, and integration processes.

In Roll-Up, Flaherty has combined these interviews of experts in the utilities industry with detailed research and decades of experience to explore topics like:

  • The changing motivations for combinations
  • Perspectives on successful transaction execution
  • The current nature of business simplification and portfolio rationalization
  • What could happen next for utility mergers and acquisitions.

Roll-Up covers the past and present of utilities consolidation and looks over the horizon at how future transactions might evolve beyond those historically conducted.

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Advanced Praise for Roll-Up

About the Author

Thomas J. Flaherty

Thomas J. Flaherty, a retired senior partner at Strategy&, enjoyed a global consulting career that spanned more than forty-five years, leading utilities consulting practices at several top-tier firms. Focusing on all sectors of the utilities industry, he specialized in corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, business models, organization architecture, and innovation. He is currently a senior advisor to EY-Parthenon, focusing on these same areas.

Starting in 2013, Mr. Flaherty assisted numerous utilities in identifying market trends that would drive reshaping industry market position; evaluating emerging technologies and use cases that could benefit grid and network performance, flexibility, and insight; and supporting the introduction of utility innovation models, stand-up of focused innovation centers, and adoption of potential methods to embed a culture of innovation within the business.

He is also the author of Roll-Up: The Past, Present, and Future of Utilities Consolidation, a look at how industry consolidation developed and was executed through the modern era of utility mergers and acquisitions.


Book Review

Readers' Favorite

March 1, 2022

Book Review

Readers' Favorite

March 1, 2022

Book Review

Readers' Favorite

March 1, 2022

Resource Library

During his career, Thomas Flaherty was a frequent author of numerous articles, columns, and stand-alone publications. His writing spanned the areas of corporate strategy, growth options, mergers and acquisitions, innovation models, technology disruption, electric vehicles, and nuclear power development. These articles were featured in both U.S. and global publications, while he was a Senior Partner at Deloitte, Booz Allen Hamilton (later Booz & Company), and Strategy&.

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